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  1. Compiling with libtool on OmniOS

    I'm having issues compiling glib2.40.0 (a libtool compiled shared library) on Omnios.

    In particular, my shared library has a static initializer that does not get executed by the libtool linked library. I've reduced this to the test case below:

    #include <stdio.h>
    void __attribute__((constructor)) myctor() {
        printf("in …
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  2. Reading resumes

    Tonight, I sat down and read through every resume in the 2013 SCS senior resume book. Reading resumes for a company is really interesting, because I find myself looking at them very differently. As a student, I didn't really understand what sections of the resume are important. I thought it …

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  3. My zsh theme

    I spent some time this week switching from bash to zsh (I really enjoy zsh - I treat it as bash with floating point arithmetic and other niceities) and making a theme for oh-my-zsh and prezto for myself. I'm not quite done, but I am pretty pleased with the results.

    It …

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  4. CS Theory with Make

    In this post, I play around with some make functions and eventually provide a constructive proof that the make syntax is turing complete via reduction to μ-recursion.

    First, we have to construct numbers. I used the representation of numbers as unary strings of the character 0: ie, the number 4 …

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